What is Bitcoin/Litecoin?

Bitcoin utilizes decentralisation philosophy and stands out as one of the primary implementation of blockchain technology. Bitcoin, otherwise known as BTC is a digital currency that allows users to transact (send and receive) any amount of money with anyone across the globe. Litecoin is an altcoin that serves great transaction and decentralisation purposes just like bitcoin. The enticing thing about bitcoins/litecoin is that transactions are instant with low fees. Bitcoin/Litecoin put an end to the seemingly unending problem of digital scarcity, protecting transactions on the digital ledger technology.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could transact some Bitcoins/Litecoins? Are you interested in buying or selling Bitcoin/Litecoin? It’s quite simple to join the league. Continue reading!

How do I buy Bitcoin/Litecoin?

To be part of this great innovation upon blockchain technology, you need to own a wallet and purchase bitcoins/litecoins. If you don't have a bitcoin/litecoin wallet yet, you can download one swiftly from Copay, Jaxx, Mycellium (android), or Blockchain app.

Alternatively you can also purchase a hardware wallet online 




When you have successfully downloaded your wallet, proceed to buy Bitcoins and Litecoins





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Where are you located?

Decentralplaza has no particular location. Yes, just like bitcoin and litecoin, we don’t have a central headquarters as DecentribeRs form our community from various parts of the world, and our employees work from different places in the world. Most of the products we ship come from the United States, but other vendors also ship from their respective locations outside the U.S.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept bitcoin and litecoin payments through coinpayments.net. Likewise, we accept other payment methods including credit cards, AMEX and PayPal. We are committed to bringing crypto to the mainstream and that is why we offer a 30% discount on all purchases made with crypto. The discount is automatically applied at check-out.

How long does it take to ship?

We value the time and orders of DecentribeRs. For every order placed, shipping is guaranteed to be completed within 72 hours unless stated otherwise on the order page. For most USA orders being shipped from U.S, orders will arrive within 4-7 days. However, non-US orders  will arrive in 1-4 weeks. Kindly check out our shipping page for more information on our shipping terms.

What is the cost of shipping?

Shipping costs $9.90 and free for orders over $69. Our decentralized store ships products internationally. Due to the high cost of shipping, we have a shipping cost of $9.99 for orders below $69 so we can average the costs of shipping and make it fair for everyone around the world.

What are your shipping destinations?

We are decentralized and ship to virtually every country across the globe. USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Greece, France, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, Japan, Russia, South Africa, Brazil, Malaysia, and India stand out as our major shipping destinations though we are not limited to the aforementioned. Kindly note that Decentral Plaza doesn’t ship to Syria, Kosovo, North Korea.

I live outside of the USA, will I be charged additional customs fees or import taxes?

Apparently, Decentral Plaza doesn’t charge for import duties or do any prepaid clearance. Each country has specific regulations and norm they follow to clear imported goods; you may want to check out the Duty Calculator to get an estimate of the charges you may incur to clear your imported goods.

Do you offer refunds or exchanges?

We are committed to quality and optimum customer satisfaction. However, we allow for exchange and provide returns on all apparel. If you are not satisfied with your delivery, do well to contact us within 15 days of receiving your order for an exchange or refund, and we will gladly accept and attend to your request. We grow when we meet you are satisfied.

How do your clothes fit?

Kindly refer to our Size Chart Page for information on our product sizes.

How should I care for my tees and hoodies? Will they shrink?

It is not a herculean task; just turn your tees or hoodies inside out. However, we recommend you hand wash or machine with cold water. All shirts are made from a certain percentage of cotton and shrink somewhat after washing. To minimize shrinking, machine dry low or hang dry.

What is your privacy policy?

Decentral Plaza prioritizes the privacy of all decentribeRs and all site visitors; we only collect your shipping address, payment, and order. We DON’T sell your details to any third-party, and we recommend that our site visitors use Brave or Mozzila for optimized online privacy. Kindly check out our privacy policy page for more information.

Free Tee condition – Firstly, site visitors should sign up and register to own an account become a DecentribeR. We will send an email with the discount voucher to the registered email which can be used at check-out. One free tee per account.

The Free Tee will contain a QR code which will redirect the decentribeR this store. Contact us before purchase if you are interested in applying your referral link applied to the QR code so you can earn points and share our love for everything decentral.