Decentribe Reward Tokens

Decentribe Reward Token FAQs

Our token system offers great and diverse opportunities to our members to earn Decentribe Tokens and redeem. Yes, you can’t resist. It’s quick and easy: just sign up and register to own a Decentribe account Decentral Plaza to earn Decentribe Tokens. Earned tokens are paid out daily to the accounts of eligible decentribeRs.


Earning Decentribe Tokens

How many decentribe tokens do I get if I place an order?

For every $1 spent on purchases, you are entitled to 10 Decentribe Tokens

What if I review a product after purchase?

You earn 39 Decentribe Tokens for each product review you drop. Please make sure to add review from an email we send once your product arrives. Tokens will fail to reflect in your account if review is done externally. You can still email us to at to manually adjust your account once the review has been confirmed. Please note the tokens can take up to 3 business days to reflect in your account.

What about liking your Facebook page?

Facebook like attracts 60 Decentribe Tokens.

What if I follow Decentral Plaza on Instagram or Twitter?

Follow us on Instagram and Twitter and earn 60 Decentribe Tokens each.

How many tokens for me if I share your brand on Twitter or Facebook?

Share on Twitter or Facebook and get 30 Decentribe Tokens for each.

What if I refer my friends?

Each referral after your first purchase brings 69 Decentribe Tokens.

How do you reward with Tokens for Facebook and Instagram reposts?

Add #decentribe #decentralplaza to your posts, and if any of your Facebook or Instagram posts get reposted to our Instagram or Facebook, you earn 99 tokens.


Decentribe Token Redemption

Gather your tokens and redeem when it is due.

99999 decentribe tokens worth 0.03 bitcoins, and it is the minimum required for the first redemption. After your first redemption, you can your decentribers redeemed in multiples of 300 tokens thereafter. Please, do well to note that token value will be subject to change depending on the price of bitcoin.

contact us and we will exchange your Decentribe Tokens for your required Bitcoin amount. Please note it will take upto 3 business days to process the redemption.

9999 decentribe tokens - $30 discount off purchases.

999 decentribe tokens    Redeem Shipping                              

333 tokens    Get 3 Decentribe codes