About Us

What is Decentral Plaza all about?

We are an uncommon community brand focused on creating basic quality and well-designed crypto merchandise that we want ourselves. Our products are made by cryptocurrency enthusiasts for cryptocurrency lovers, creating a world of crypto users. If you are tech-savvy and support the new world of decentralization, then Decentral Plaza is a place to be.


About the lifestyle brand - Decentribe Brand                                         

"Decentribe is a decentralised tribe of "true hodlers." We are the hodlers who realised early enough that our current system is broken; we have tasted success through hodling and are fully "in it for the technology" and for how it can change the entire world. Decentralisation and digital currency are the new game-changer, and we are bent on supporting true builders, promoters, and educators of this technology to create more awareness of decentralisation movement.

Join the Decentribe movement towards becoming a strong voice and part of the communities in this exciting space changing the world.  

DecentribeR corner

DecentribeR Voice - A one-stop spot for all decentribeRs! Check out the blogs updated weekly to catch latest, trendy, educative and inspiring posts.

DecentribeR meetup – Check in here for educative discussions; a private FB group to discuss only bitcoin, and litecoin. Share your thoughts and let others know your opinion. New cryptos will be supported once they survive and have remained on 10 coin market for at least 6 years.

DecentribeR news - News is updated daily so you can have a one-stop shop for all news decentralised. You can’t afford to miss staying updated.